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Solar Powering the Sunshine State

Spreading sunshine through the energy of the sun is what we do. We have streamlined the process of going solar to provide a simple and effective way to power your home.

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Our Service

All of your solar needs are available from residential/commercial solar installations, solar hot water heating, solar pool heating, or solar system maintenance and repair, our network can promptly provide solar power.

Solar Power

Both residential and commercial rooftop solar power can be installed to take advantage of the near 300 days of sunlight available in the Sunshine State. It is great way to power a portion or all of a buildings energy needs to significantly reduce power from local utilities.

Solar Hot Water

Heating water for a home can require 18-30% of a homes electricity bill, particularly homes with 4+ adults. Installing a solar water heater provides a cost effective option to reduce power demand and saving tremendous amounts of money.

Solar Pool Heating

The ability to heat a pool so that it can be comfortably swam in year round is an outstanding benefit to homeowners. Let the power of the sun maintain the desired temperature to keep affordable heating costs and a relaxing pool experience.

Why choose us


Client Focus

Our system is different from standard solar companies. Through a network of proven and established installation companies the most cost effective system is provided for you. Inventory is avoided to maximize market available equipment, ensuring high quality and fresh components are always utilized.


Long Term Vision

Investment in solar is more than one time installation experience. The system operates for 30+ years and continual contact will be maintained over that entire system operation time. Annual follow up and always available access to Independent Energy Advisors ensure you always know how your system is performing.


Single Contact Point

Going solar brings together an installation company, finance company, your local utility, and a new way to provide home energy, this can be confusing and can lead to unwanted run around. Your Independent Energy Advisor is the single contact point to get answers and lead a clear path to your renewable future.


Know, Like, and Trust

Here we do not door knock, we do not telemarket, and we do not pressure anyone. You likely found us from a local community event you know, an organization you like that we work with or donate to, or a friend you trust recommended our service. Their belief is highly valued and we do all we can to maintain that reputation as well as earn your trust.

What our clients say

When we got solar, we knew it’s going to be exciting. But this is REALLY exciting! Here is the comparison of 2 bills: Oct 8th 2019 ($11.61) and October 8th 2018.($244.55)
Barbara Dolleschal

Crew Client

I definitely recommend SWFL SOLAR! Cliff has so much knowledge about the whole process of renewable energy sourcing.
Jason M.

Brasspineapple Productions

I have been extremely pleased in that my calls have been returned on time. If I had a question it was answered. If I didn’t call I was called by Crew to see what it was I needed, to let me know where they were and when they said they would show up they showed up.
Michael B.

Crew Client

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